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W. W. Phelps to Sally, May 26, 1835
W. W. Phelps writes his wife, Sally, that the Saints in Kirtland live as though they expect the second coming is imminent. Prices are high. Elders are constantly coming and going. On Sunday Joseph preached one of the greatest sermons William has ever heard. Congregations are large. William hopes he and Sally can "be one in the Lord throughout eternity."
Kirtland sameness

No coffee or tea, pray night and morning

Millennial expectation
  …You are not aware how much sameness <there is> among the saints; they keep the words of wisdom in Kirtland, they <drink> cold water; they don’t even mention tea and coffee. they pray night and morning and every thing seems to say O behold the Lord is nigh! But it’s hard living here: flour is 6 and seven dollars a barrel. and Cows from 20 to $30 a piece.  
W. W. Phelps Papers, BYU Special Collections, VMSS810.
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High prices   It is a happy thing that I did not move back, for everything here is so dear. Our brethren are so poor and hard for money that it would have been more than I could have done to maintain my family. …   Journal History excerpts in .
Eternal marriage?   A new idea, Sally, if you and I continue faithful to the end, we are certain to be one in the Lord throughout eternity; this is one of the most glorious consolations we can have in the flesh.    
Elders coming and going   The Elders are constantly coming and going. Last week, Elders Simeon Carter and Solomon Hancock started for the East. Bishop Partridge and Councillor Isaac Morley will start soon: Elder Amasa M. Lyman (h) came in last week. Elders Peter Dustin and James Emmett arrived last week and Elder Oziel Stevens this week.    
Joseph's great sermon   President Smith preached last Sabbath and I gave him the text; "This is my beloved son: hear ye him!" He preached one of the greatest sermons I ever heard; it was about 3 1/2 hours long—and unfolded more mysteries than I can write at this time.    
Large congregations   The congregations of the Saints at Kirtland are larger than any we used to have at Canandaigua, Ontario Co. N.Y., and when any of the world come in, we have what may well be called "a large congregation."    
W. W. Phelps

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