Mormon History 1830-1844

Speaking in Tongues
Book of Mormon   Speak with the tongue of angels    
    … then shall ye receive the Holy Ghost; yea, then cometh the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost; and then can ye speak with the tongue of angels, …   2 Ne. 31:13–14, also 2 Ne. 32:2
    After ye have repented of your sins, and … have received the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost, and can speak with a new tongue, yea, even with the tongue of angels, …    
    Speak with the tongue of angels    
    Having been visited by the Spirit of God; having conversed with angels, … and having the spirit of prophecy, and … the gift of speaking with tongues, …   Alma 9:21
    Speak and interpret, new tongues    
    And again I speak unto you who deny the revelations of God, and say that they are done away, that there are no revelations, nor prophecies, … nor speaking with tongues, and the interpretation of tongues;   Morm. 9:7
    And these signs shall follow them that believe … they shall speak with new tongues …   Morm. 9:24
[November] 1830   Indian dialects    
    [In November or December 1830 skeptical John Corrill attends a Mormon service in Kirtland:] The meeting lasted all night, and such a meeting I never attended before. They administered the sacrament, and laid on hands, after which I heard them prophecy and speak in tongues unknown to me. Persons in the room, who took no part with them, declared, from the knowledge they had of the Indian languages, that the tongues spoken were regular Indian dialects, which I was also informed, on inquiry, the persons who spoke had never learned. I watched closely and examined carefully, every movement of the meeting, and after exhausting all my powers to find the deception, I was obliged to acknowledge, in my own mind that the meeting had been inspired by some supernatural agency.  
<i>Brief History of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints &#40;Commonly Called Mormons&#41;</i>, John Corrill &#40;St. Louis: author, 1839&#41; on Dale Broadhurst website, Also on <i>New Mormon Studies CD&#45;ROM</i>.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Corrill history.
March 8, 1831   Gift of speaking, interpreting    
    And again, it is given to some to speak with tongues, and to another it is given the interpretation of tongues:   EMS, Aug. 1832 // D&C 46:24–25.
June 1831   Carried away in the spirit    
June 1831

Carried away in the spirit

Gift of tongues
"Being carried away in the spirit" and "I know it to be [184] so by the spirit," are well known phrases, and in common use in the Mormonite church. We will first notice the gift of tongues, exercised by some when carried away in the spirit. These persons were apparently lost to all surrounding circumstances, and wrapt up in the contemplation of things, and in communicating with persons not present.—   ¶ Letters of Ezra Booth (1)

Written Oct. 24, 1831—about 6 weeks after leaving the church.
Indian dialect   They articulated sounds, which but few present professed to understand; and those few, declared them to be the Indian language. A merchant, who had formerly been a member of the Methodist society, observed, he had formerly traded with the Indians, and he knew it to be their dialect.  
Chapters from the Bible   Being myself present on some of these occasions, a person proffered his services as my interpreter, and translated these sounds, which to me were unintelligible, into English language. One individual could read any chapter of the Old or New Testament, in several different languages. This was known to be the case by a person who professed to understand those languages.    
Imagine addressing Indians   In the midst of this delirium, they would, at times, fancy themselves addressing a congregation of their red brethren; and mounted upon a stump, or the fence, or from some elevated situation, would harangue their assembly, until they had convinced and converted them. They would then lead them into the water, and baptize them, and pronounce their sins forgiven.    
Imitate Indians   In this exercise, some of them actually went into the water; and in the water, performed the ceremony used in baptizing. These actors assumed the visage of the savage, and so nearly imitated him, not only in language, but in gestures and actions, that it seemed the soul and body were completely metamorphosed into the Indian. No doubt was then entertained but that was an extraordinary work of the Lord, designed to prepare those young men for the Indian mission; and many who are still leaders of the church, could say, "we know by the spirit that it is the work of the Lord."    
Gift of tongues abandoned   And now [185] they can say, "they know it is the work of the devil." Most of those who were the principal actors, have since apostatized, and the work is unanimously discarded by the church.    
December 1831   Jabbering    
Jabbering   At other times they are taken with a fit of jabbering that which they neither understand themselves nor anybody else, and this they call speaking foreign languages by divine inspiration.    
January 1832   Columbia Branch, Brigham Young and Joseph Smith in Kirtland    
Pennsylvania   I took my horses and sleigh and started for Pennsylvania; Brigham and Phinehas Young and their wives went along with me. We stayed with the Church there about six days, attended their meetings, heard them speak in tongues, interpret and prophecy, which truly caused us to rejoice and praise the Lord.   ¶ Heber C. Kimball (h2)
Columbia branch to Mendon We received the gift of tongues and interpretation a few days after we were baptized. The brethren who brought the Gospel to us belonged to the first Branch of the Church that received the gift of tongues, and the Branch at Mendon was the next.   ¶ Heber C. Kimball (h2)

Brothers Brigham and Joseph Young and myself went of Kirtland, with my horses and wagon, to visit the Prophet, a distance of three hundred miles.

Brigham speaks in tongues

First experience for Joseph

Gift becomes general in Kirtland

We saw Brother Joseph Smith and had a glorious time; during which Brother Brigham spoke in tongues before Brother Joseph, it being the first time he had heard any one speak in tongues; he testified that the gift was from God, and spoke in tongues himself. Soon the gift of tongues became general in the Church in Kirtland. We had a precious season and returned with a blessing in our souls.

Mendon, New York   Eliel Strong's and Eleazer Miller's letter to the Evening and Morning Star dated March 19, 1833 refers to "several of us" going to Mendon, where "the work of the Lord commenced." From Mendon they went to Warsaw, Lake Erie, and Angelica, "preaching the word, and blessed be the name of the Lord, signs followed them that believed, insomuch that some who were sick was healed, and some spake with tongues and glorified God."  
<i>The Evening and the Morning Star</i>
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">EMS, 1, no. 12 (May 1833).
Spring 1832   New York    
First in New York Brother Ezra Landan preached in Avon and Genesee, baptized eighteen or twenty, and being afraid to confirm them and promise the Holy Ghost, he requested me to confirm, them, which I did according to the best of my knowledge, pronouncing but a few words on the head of each one, and invariably saying, "receive ye the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus Christ."   ¶ Heber C. Kimball (h2)
    Immediately the Holy Ghost fell upon them and several commenced speaking in tongues before they arose from their knees, and we had a joyful time; some ten or twelve spoke in tongues, neither of whom had ever heard any person speak in tongues, they being the first baptized in that place.    
Alpheus Gifford   A few weeks after my baptism [April 14, 1832] I was at brother Kimball's house one morning, and while family prayer was being offered up, brother Alpheus Gifford commenced speaking in tongues. Soon the Spirit came on me, and I spoke in tongues, and we thought only of the day of Pentecost, when the Apostles were clothed upon with cloven tongues of fire.   Brigham Young,
<i>Millennial Star</i>
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">MS 25 (July 11, 1863): 439.  
  September 1832   Brigham speaks, prays in Adamic tongue     Brigham   Brigham, his brother Joseph, and Heber C. Kimball, enroute from Mendon to Kirtland for their first meeting with Joseph:   Brigham Young, <i>Millennial Star</i>')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">MS 25, no. (July 11, 1863): 439. In branches   We visited many friends on the way, and some Branches of the Church. We exhorted them and prayed with them, and I spoke in tongues. Some pronounced it genuine and from the Lord, and others pronounced it of the Devil.         The night of their arrival,     In Kirtland   … a few of the brethren came in, and we conversed together upon the things of the kingdom. He [Joseph] called upon me to pray; in my prayer I spoke in tongues.     Joseph: the pure Adamic language

Brigham will preside
  As soon as we arose from our knees the brethren flocked around him and asked his opinion concerning the gift of tongues that was upon me. He told them it was the pure Adamic language. Some said to him they expected he wujld condemn the gift brother Brigham had, but he said, "No, it is of God, and the time will come when brother Brigham Young will preside over this Church."      
  November 14, 1832   Joseph speaks and sings    


  … came to Kirtland to Brother Joseph Smith and heard him speak with Tongues and sing in Tongues also."   Zebedee Coltrin diary. Church Archives, MS 1443 item 1.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Zebedee's diary.  
  1833   Tongues revived     Joseph and congregation On the opening of the year 1833, the "gift of tongues" again made its appearance at head-quarters, and from thence extended to all their branches in different parts. … They had long before professed to be fully endowed with the power of healing all manner of diseases, discerning spirits, and casting out devils. But a succession of failures had rendered them rather stale, and given distrust to many of the faithful. A new expedient was therefore indispensably necessary, in order to revive the drooping spirits of the deluded, and at the same time, insure a new crop of converts. The scheme proved eminently successful. Hundreds were soon convinced of the truth of the whole, by hearing of and seeing the manner [133] in which the "tongues" were performed, although the trick would seem more susceptible of discovery than any previous one. The gift was not confined to the Elders and high priests, … but nearly all the proselytes, both old and young, could show their faith by speaking with "tongues." … They sometimes professed to believe that these "tongues" were the same which were "counfounded" [sic] at the building of Babel.   <i>Mormonism Unvailed</i>, Eber D. Howe &#40;Painesville, Ohio: author, 1834&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Mormonism unvailed, 132–133.

Minutes of January 22–23, 1833
  January 6, 1833   Windsor Lyons     Windsor Lyons   [Warsaw] … after breakfast I was baptized with my Aunt Phebe Angel by Leonard Rich, [cousin] Mary Ann [Angel] having been baptized about one week before. We were confirmed by Aaron C. Lyons about 11:00 o'clock A.M.   Joseph Holbrook, Autobiography, BYU Special Collections, Writings of Early Latter-day Saints 25.     They had a meeting, the first I had ever been to. Different elders occupied the time during the day and evening. Windsor C. Lyons then spoke in tongues which was the first I had ever heard.    
  January 22–23, 1833   Joseph and others speak, sing, pray     Joseph and congregation   Joseph Smith speaks in tongues, opening a two-day conference, followed by Zebedee Coltrin. All elders and many members, male and female, experience the gift, including singing and praying in tongues.   Minutes of January 22–23, 1833  
  January 24, 1833   School of Prophets studies, experiences     School of Prophets   School of Prophets studies "the gift of tongues and the interpretation thereof" under Sidney Rigdon.   Zebedee Coltrin, qtd. in Journal History, Jan. 24, 1833.  
  February 11, 1833   Caution against diabolical acts of enthusiasm     Tongues: praise God and mysteries of the kingdom

No wallowing or odd actions
  Beloved brethren and sisters, in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I beseech you in rhe [the] bowels of merv [mercy] to remember the exhortation which I gave you while I was yet present with you, to beware of delusive spirits. I rejoice that our Heavenly Father hath blessed you greatly, as he has also me, in enabling me to speak the praises of God and the mysteries of the kingdom in other tongues according to the promise; and this without throwing me down, or wallowing me on the ground, or any thing unbecoming or immoral; also, without any external operation of the system; but it is the internal operation of the system; but it is the internal operation and power of the spirit of God, so that I know that those odd actions and strange noises are not caused by the spirit of the Lord as is represented by Brother King:—   John Murdock to Salmon Gee (newly appointed presiding elder in Thompson, Ohio), Feb. 11, 1833, <i>Times and Seasons</i>')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">TS 5 no. 22 (Dec. 1, 1844). Brother King suspended for enthusiasm   Therefore, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by the spirit of the living God, according to, the authority of the holy priesthood committed to me, I command Brother Thomas King, (as though I were present,) to cease from your diabolical acts of enthusiasm, and also from acting as an elder in this church of Christ, until you come and give full testimony to the high priests in Kirtland …      
  March 8, 1833   During confirmation meeting     Teach gospel in native tongues   for it shall come to pass in that day, that every man shall hear the fulness of the gospel, in his own tongue, and in his own [53] language, through those who are ordained unto this power by the administration of the comforter shed forth upon them for the revelation of Jesus Christ.   KRB, 52–53 // ¶ D&C 90:11  
  February 9, 1831   Speak, interpret         And again, it is given to some to speak with tongues, and to another it is given the interpretation of tongues:   EMS, Aug. 1832 // D&C 46:24–25.  
  March 8, 1831   Speak, interpret         And again, it is given to some to speak with tongues, and to another it is given the interpretation of tongues:   EMS, Aug. 1832 // D&C 46:24–25.  
  April or May 1833   During confirmation meeting     Heber confirms 18–20, 10–12 speak in tongues.

Brother Ezra Landan preached in Avon and Genesee, baptized eighteen or twenty, and being afraid to confirm them and promise the Holy Ghost, he requested me to confirm, them, which I did …

  ¶ Heber C. Kimball (h2)    

Immediately the Holy Ghost fell upon them and several commenced speaking in tongues before they arose from their knees, and we had a joyful time; some ten or twelve spoke in tongues, neither of whom had ever heard any person speak in tongues, they being the first baptized in that place.

  May 1833   Many have the gift in Kirtland     Kirtland church   In the first place I must give you some idea of the churches: The church at Kirtland is sharing bountifully in the blessings of the Lord, and many have the gift of tongues and some the interpretation thereof.   Gideon H. Carter, <i>The Evening and the Morning Star</i>')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">EMS 2 no. 14 (July 1833): 108.  
  June 1833   Received in Zion     In Zion   … in the fall of the year 1832, the disciples at Ohio received the gift of tongues and in June 1833 we received the gift of tongues in Zion.   <i>From Historian to Dissident: The Book of John Whitmer</i>, edited by Bruce N. Westergren &#40;Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1995 &#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">J. Whitmer, 37.  
      At publishing of Book of Commandments     Mary Elizabeth Rollins interprets   Oliver Cowdery, John Whitmer and Thomas B. Marsh often spoke in tongues in addressing the people on the Sabbath day, and I wanted to understand what they said; so I made it a subject of prayer, that the Lord would give me to understand what was the meaning of their words; for they seemed to speak with great power. One evening the brethren came to Uncle's house to converse upon the revelations that had not been printed as yet, but few had looked upon them, for they were in large sheets, not folded. They spoke of them with such reverence, as coming from the Lord; they felt to rejoice that they were counted worthy to be the means of publishing them for the benefit of the whole world. While talking they were filled with the spirit and spoke in tongues. I was called upon to interpret it. I felt the spirit of it in a moment.   "Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner", [autobiography], Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine 17 (July 1926): 195.

Mary Elizabeth is a niece of Sidney Gilbert.
  July 1833   Be careful, Satan will trouble you     Don't let gift of tongues create troubles   As to the gift of tongues, all we can say is, that in this place, we have received it as the ancients did, we wish you, however, to be careful, lest in this you be deceived. Guard against evils which may arise from any accounts given of women, or otherwise; be careful in all things lest any root of bitterness spring up among you and thereby many be defiled. Satan will no doubt trouble you about the gift of tongues, unless you are careful; you cannot watch him too close, nor pray too much; may the Lord give you wisdom in all things.   Sidney Rigdon, Joseph Smith, Frederick G. Williams (Kirtland) to "the Brethren in Zion," July 2, 1833, <i>Times and Seasons</i>')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">TS 6, no. 3 (Feb. 15, 1845): 802–803.  
  August 21, 1833   Discussed in Zion     Rebuke for reasoning Lengthy discussion of "the gift of tongues &c. And a rebuke of the Lord for reasoning in our wisdom, &c."   Minutes of Aug. 21, 1833  
  September 11, 1833   W. W. Phelps sings, Lyman Wight interprets (Nephites)    

W. W. Phelps sings, Lyman interprets

  A Hymn was sung by Br W W Phelps in tongues and interpreted by Lyman [Wight] Ideas &c. concerning the travelling of the Nephites their toils troubles & tribulations &c.   Minutes of September 11, 1833  
  October 1833   Sister in Canada     Mount Pleasant, Ontario   Joseph, Sidney, and Freeman return to Mount Pleasant, Upper Canada [Ontario] on October 24th. Joseph finds the people "very superstitious." But on Sunday the 27th they begin baptizing—twelve on Sunday, two on Monday. "One of the sisters got the gift of tongues which made the saints rejoice may God increse the gifts among them for his sons sake."   Joseph Smith diary &#40;Sept. 22, 1835&#45;Apr. 3, 1836&#41;. <i>Selected Collections</i>, 1:20 // <i>Personal Writings of Joseph Smith</i>, rev. ed., 221&#45;225. Original, Church Archives, MS 155.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Diary-2 in <i>Personal Writings of Joseph Smith</i>, 1st ed., compiled and edited by Dean C. Jessee &#40;Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1984&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">JS personal, 20.  
  December 1833   Upper Canada     Popular in Mt. Pleasant   [T]here are 34 members attached to the church at Mount Pleasant, all of whom appear to live up to their profession, five of whom have spoken in tongues, and three sing in tongues; and we live at the top of the mountain!   M. C. Nickerson, Dec. 29, 1833, <i>The Evening and the Morning Star</i>')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">EMS, 2, no. 17 (Feb. 1834): 134.  
  Summer 1834   Opposition to suspension in Clay county      July 31, 1834

Gift suspended in Clay county, except Hulet branch
  In the summer of 1834, as part of a public relations campaign to improve conditions in Clay county, Mormons were asked not to exercise the gift of tongues. Certain members of the Hulet branch took exception, resulting in action by the high council.     Samuel Brown   On July 31, evidence is presented that Samuel Brown has been encouraging others to "improve their gifts" secretly, and that Sally Crandle and Sylvester Hulet had been speaking in tongues and interpreting. Brown, who has other issues as well, surrenders his priesthood licenses the next day.   ¶ Minutes of July 31, 1834

Minutes of August 1, 1834  Branch judges all by their gifts   On August 6, evidence is presented that members of the Hulet Branch, "received the word of the Lord by the gift of tongues and would not proceed to their temporal business without receiving the word of the Lord." They insist all teachings, even Joseph's, just be confirmed through their gifts before they can be accepted.   Minutes of Aug. 6, 1834 Sylvester Hulet and Sally Crandle   Sylvester Hulet speaks in tongues before the high council. Sally gives the interpretation that "there are many who are seeking to pry into your [the branch's] privileges." (Sally is also considered a seer in the branch.)         President David Whitmer assigns Amasa Lyman (h) and Simeon Carter to labor with Sally Crandall, Sylvester Hulet, and others.     Branch accepts decision   Apparently successful, Lyman and Simeon report to the high council on August 21 that the branch accepts the council's decision regarding false spirits.   Minutes of August 21, 1834  
  September 8, 1834   Joseph explains purpose     Not for governing church   Joseph explains that the gift "was particularly instituted for the preaching of the Gospel to other nations and languages, but it was not given for the government of the Church" and that "we should speak in our own language in such instances so "the adversary cannot lead our minds astray."   ¶ Minutes of September 8, 1834  
  October 1834   Joseph authorizes in Pontiac         In Pontiac, Michigan, Joseph tells Saints they can "speak with tongues, and the signs (of the Gospel) shall follow you, and by this you may test me as a Prophet sent of God."   ¶ Edward Stevenson Reminiscence (2)  
  Late 1834   Gift in Upper Canada     Gift of tongues We [in the Mt. Pleasant, Upper Canada branch] have the gifts as exercised anciently by the apostles; that is, the gift of tongues, and in many instances the interpretation—and the gift of healing has been exercised in several instances.   M. C. Nickerson (Perrysburg, New York), Jan. 30, 1835, SHOWREF=MA] 1, no. 7 (Apr. 1835): 99.  
  October 10, 1835   Keep prophecy in tongues quiet (Indians to deliver Saints)     Letter speaks of speaking in tongues, deliverance by judgments, Indians will fight for us

May be true but best not expressed
We have seen a letter written to Sister Whitney, in Nelson, that has a great deal to say about the gift of tongues, and the interpretation which was given by way of prophecy, namely: "that Zion would be delivered by judgments," and that certain ones named, would go to such and such places among the Lamanites, and "great things would be done by them"; and also, that two Lamanites were at a meeting, and the following prophecy was delivered to them, "that they were our friends, and that the Lord had sent them there, and the time would soon come when they should embrace the gospel," and also, "that if we will not fight for ourselves, the Indians will fight for us." Though all this may be true, yet, it is not needful that it should be spoken, for it is of no service to the saints, and has a tendency to stir up the people to anger.   Frederick G. Williams, ¶ Missouri Persecutions (1833-1834) (4)

That the Destroyer May Pass (1834)
No public speaking in tongues No prophecy spoken in tongues should be made public, for this reason: many who pretend to have the gift of interpretation are liable to be mistaken, and do not give the true interpretation of what is spoken; therefore, great care should be had, as respects this thing; but, if any speak in tongues, a word of exhortation, or doctrine, or the principles of the gospel, &c., let it be interpreted for the edification of the church.      
  January 17, 1836   Kirtland leaders speak, sing, prophesy         … the presidents commenced the meeting by confessing their sins and forgiving their brethren and the world. … The Lord poured out his Spirit in such a manner as you never witnessed. When I was speaking, which was but few words, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me so that I could not speak, and I cried as little children cry in earnest and the tears from my eyes ran in streams; the audience, which was the largest ever convened in the said room, sobbed and wept aloud. The presidency and the "Twelve" occupied the forenoon. There was speaking and singing in tongues, and prophesying, as on the day of Pentecost.   Minutes of January 17, 1836

W. W. Phelps to Sally, January 13. 1836 Journal History, .
  May 1836   John and Leonore Taylor, others in Toronto         Shortly after baptism, John and Leonore Taylor speak in tongues, as do others of Parley Pratt's converts. (The Fieldings do not.)   ¶ Joseph Fielding to Millennial Star, 1841  
  June 1836   Converts in Maine         In mid-June, Heber C. Kimball arrives in Ogdensburg, New York and baptizes seven in seven days. "… and the promise was fulfilled, for those who believed spoke with tongues, and the sick were healed."   ¶ Heber C. Kimball (h3)  
  1836–1837   John Taylor in Canada     John Taylor interprets tongues, prophesies, heals without fail

Unbelievers don't accept
  I had traviled sometime with Bro Taylor in Canada and had seen much of the power of God manifested in speaking with Tongues, healing [11] the Sick, preaching, Prophesying in Tongues. Bro T. was mighty, and in interpretation and in Prophesying and in healing he scarcely ever fail'd. I have [-] known several Cases quite remarkable, one in my own House. But nothing of this kind ever seem'd to have any Effect on Unbelievers, though they often said, if they could see such a thing, they should think it was of God. I found that if they did not believe our testimony it was in vain to expect them to believe at all.   ¶ Joseph Fielding Diary, 1832–1837  
  January 5, 1837   Account of gathering of Israel     Prayer meeting, Wilford interprets   I repaired to the house of the Lord for a Prayer meeting at 2 oclock PM. We had a good time. One man gave us an account of the general gathering of Israel in the gift of tongues. I interpreted the Substance of the same.   <i>Wilford Woodruff&#39;s Journal</i>, 9 vols., compiled by Scott G. Kenney &#40;Midvale: Signature Books, 1981&#45;1984&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">WWJ 1:120.  
  January 8, 1837   Lyman Sherman, others in Kirtland         Wilford estimates fifteen hundred people assembled at the House of the Lord in Kirtland for Sunday meeting.     Elder Sherman in Kirtland House of the Lord   Their was two discourses deliverd from the Aaronic Priesthood one from Councellor Knight & the other from Priest Willey. Priest Willey had much of the spirit of God in Preaching to the Church after breaking bread Elder Sherman Sung in the gift of tongues & proclaimed great & marvelous things while clothed upon by the power & spirit of God. …   <i>Wilford Woodruff&#39;s Journal</i>, 9 vols., compiled by Scott G. Kenney &#40;Midvale: Signature Books, 1981&#45;1984&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">WWJ 1:120–121.

Lyman Sherman
At Bishop Whitney's   I spent the evening with Priest Turpin at Bishop Whitney's. Had a vary happy time in speaking Singing hearing & interpeting tongues & in prayer with the family.   <i>Wilford Woodruff&#39;s Journal</i>, 9 vols., compiled by Scott G. Kenney &#40;Midvale: Signature Books, 1981&#45;1984&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">WWJ 1:121.  
  April 6, 1837   Solemn assembly blessings and prophecy     Blessing in tongues One Brother Clothed with the gift of tongues laid his hands upon my head & prophesied great blessing upon me. Another Brother possessing the interpretation uttered it unto me to my joy & consolation with the many blessing pronounced upon my head he rehersed the blessing that Jacob pronounced upon the heads of Joseph & said that I should possess the blessings of heaven & of earth & be much [136] blessed in my ministry &c. ¶ Minutes of April 6, 1837 Prophecy in tongues Much Prophecy was uttered upon the heads of many of the Saints in other languages & was interpeted which was glorious. …    
  December 17, 1837   Wilford Woodruff on Fox Islands     Speaks, interprets, prophesies   Wilford preaches twice in the day. In the evening he blesses two children, "& I spake in tongues & interpeted & Prophesy'd & we rejoiced."   North Haven, Fox Islands, Maine.

<i>Wilford Woodruff&#39;s Journal</i>, 9 vols., compiled by Scott G. Kenney &#40;Midvale: Signature Books, 1981&#45;1984&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">WWJ 1:191.
December 23, 1837   Speaks and interprets     Speaks and interprets   I Preached at Mr John M Sullers. the Power of God rested upon me. I spoke in tongues & Interpeted & some cryed aloud & one wished to be baptized.   Vinalhaven, Fox Islands, Maine.

<i>Wilford Woodruff&#39;s Journal</i>, 9 vols., compiled by Scott G. Kenney &#40;Midvale: Signature Books, 1981&#45;1984&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">WWJ 1:191.
  March 1839   Benjamin F. Johnson, Zina Huntington         Zina and her mother were much devoted to their religion. And often at mother Huntington's did we have the most spirited and enjoyable testimony or prayer meetings.   <i>My Life&#39;s Review: Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Johnson</i>, edited by the Johnson Family Organization &#40;Provo: Grandin Book Company, 1997&#41;. Written 1884&#45;1896 &#40;p. 280, 356&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">B. F. Johnson life, 47. Ben's and Zina's gift and attachment   There the gift of tongues came to me in power, and never has it left me. To sister Zina was both the gift of tongues and interpretation also, and under the influence of spiritual enjoyment it seemed we formed a mutual attachment, which before I left Far West grew into feelings of reciprocal love, with hopes, which although not realized in full did not hinder our being ever the warmest and truest of friends.   Zina Diantha Huntington (b. Jan. 31, 1821), married Henry Jacobs March 7, 1841, Joseph Smith on October 27, and Brigham Young after Joseph's death.    
Beliefs and Practices

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