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Minutes of December 6, 1837  
High council and bishop's council vote to pay themselves and recorders for services and reimburse Bishop Partridge expenses he incurred defending the church during the Jackson county episode. Appeal from elders' court rejected; parties to seek mediation.
Date   December 6, 1837  
<i>Far West Record: Minutes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter&#45;day Saints, 1830&#45;1844</i>, edited by Donald Q. Cannon and Lyndon W. Cook &#40;Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1983&#41;.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">FWR,126–128.
Location   Far West    
Description   The High Council and Bishop and Council met …    
Presiding   David Whitmer organizes the council    
Clerk   Not named    
Open   Prayer by David Whitmer.    
Committee on church pay   Several subjects discussed, then Elias Higbee Simeon Carter, Elisha H. Groves are appointed a committee to investigate the "propriety of proposing" that the church pay for certain services.    
Sundry comments   Comments on another subject by Thomas B. Marsh (h) and David Whitmer.    
Fund raising   Bishop Partridge, John Corrill, and Isaac Morley appointed committee on raising funds for church expenses.    
Authorization to sign elders licenses   David Whitmer to sign elders licenses as chairman, W. W. Phelps as clerk, Frederick G. Williams as Chairman pro tempore in David's absence, and John Whitmer as clerk pro tempore in William's absence, and Oliver Cowdery as recording clerk.    
Adjourn   Adjourn for two hours.    
Philo Dibble appeal

Choose mediators
  Philo Dibble appeals his disfellowshipment by a council of elders, Charles Hewlet complainant. Council directs the parties to choose two brethren to help them reach a settlement without "troubling the Council."    
Oliver records patriarchal blessings   Oliver is appointed recorder of patriarchal blessings "of this branch of the church."    
Committee on church pay reports   Elias Higby, Simeon Carter, and Elisha H. Groves submit a plan to pay the presidency and high council, bishop and council for their services in church business:    
$1.50 per day   … it is out [sic] united opinion that the aforesaid officers togegher [sic] with the clerk of the council the Patriarch and also the agent of the Church (as also any other person who may be employed in the same or the like business) receive per day each one dollar and fifty cents.    
Approved   Report is read three times and passed.    
Edward Partridge's Jackson county expenses   Bishop Partridge petitions council for reimbursement for $600 he paid to lawyers for Jackson county suits plus $300 in costs. Had to borrow to pay these amounts at 10% interest. Has a large family and can't pay off the debts. Asks for reimbursement from "property consecrated for the benefit of the church "And charge the Church for the same."    
Reimburse bishop   Council votes to direct the bishop to use church properties for this purpose.    
Pay recorder   Council votes to pay recorder of licenses and patriarchal blessings [Oliver] $10 per hundred records.    
Adjourn   Adjourn to tomorrow.    
Close   Prayer by President Phelps.    


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