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Minutes of January 30, 1836
Presidency requires ordinations be approved by all quorums. Harvey Whitlock restored.
Date   January 30, 1836  
Kirtland High Council Minutes. Manuscript , LDS Church Archives, MS 3432. Typescript, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah. Typescript on <i>New Mormon Studies CD&#45;ROM</i> cited.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Kirtland council
Location   [Kirtland, Ohio.]  
Description   … a conference of the Presidency of the church of the Latter Day Saints …  
Presiding   [Joseph Smith]    
Clerk   Oliver Cowdery    
    The presidency resolves:    
All ordinations require approval of all quorums   … that no one be ordained to an office in the Church in Kirtland without the voice of the several quorums when assembled for church business.    
List of elders   That Alvah Beaman, president of the elders, "give to the Presidents of the Church, a list of the names of the several Elders comprising his quorum and all other Elders in Kirtland not belonging to any quorum now established."    
Restore Harvey Whitlock   … that Harvey Whitlock be restored to the church in full fellowship on his being rebaptized and after be ordained to the High Priesthood.    


Minutes of February 12, 1836
Minutes of January 15, 1836
Ohio Minutes

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