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Minutes of January 15, 1836
Rules for the House of the Lord are adopted. Presidents are elected and ordained for the high priests, elders, priests, teachers, and deacons quorums. John Corrill to enforce the rules of the House of the Lord.
George W. Robinson kept a separate set of minutes in the Kirtland Council Minute Book. Significant differences are noted in the annotations column on the right identified by the initials GWR.
Date   January 15, 1836  
Kirtland High Council Minutes. Manuscript , LDS Church Archives, MS 3432. Typescript, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah. Typescript on <i>New Mormon Studies CD&#45;ROM</i> cited.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Kirtland council
Location   [Kirtland, Ohio.]   "in the council room in the chapel" GWR
Description   … council met pursuant to adjournment …  
Presiding   [Joseph Smith Jr.]    
Clerk   Orson Hyde    
Present   Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Newel K. Whitney, priesthood quorums    
Open   Joseph organizes the council, gives instructions regarding "the order & manner of conducting the council," delivers "a solemn charge to the council," then opens with prayer "and presided as before."   GBR does not mention instructions or charge.
Rules of the Lord's House   As a member of the committee to draft "rules for the regulation of the House of the Lord," Joseph reads the committee's proposed "laws or rules" three times. Adopted unanimously.   "… some exceptions were taken by Pres. O. Cowdery, which he withdrew on an explanation and the vote passed unanimously. The subject was then laid before the High Council of Kirtland & after some altercation their role was called and passed in favor of the rules unanimusly. They were next laid before the High Council of Zion, some inquiry was made concerning some particular items, but was soon settled, & their vote called and passed unaimously in favor of them.

"The quorum of the Twelve next investigated the rules, & their vote called and passed unanimously in favor of them" GWR
  Adjourn for an hour.    
Second session   Proceed to business "without ceremony."   "1 o'clock p.m. Council called to order …" GWR

None of the rest of the afternoon session reported by Hyde is included by GWR. Instead, he writes, "The subject of the rules and regulations to govern the House of the Lord came next in order before the quorum of the Seventy, their vote called and carried unanimously in favor of them. They were next thrown before the Bishop & his counsellors in Kirtland, thi rvote called and carried in their favor.

"The above named rules haveing now passed unanimously through all the quorus in their order, it is received & established as a law to govern the House of the Lord in Kirtland." GWR
Don Carlos president of high priests   [204] Don Carlos Smith is elected "president of the high priest hood in Kirtland … without opposition."  
President of elders quorum   Alvah Beman is unanimously elected president of the Kirtland elders quorum >.  
President of priests   The bishop of Kirtland [Newel K. Whitney] nominates William Cowdery president of the priests in Kirtland. Seconded and carried unanimously.  
President of teachers not carried   Thomas Gates is nominated president of the teachers, but the vote is "not carried."  
Second choice elected   Oliver Olney is unanimously elected president of the teachers.  
President of deacons   Ira Bond is unanimously elected president of the deacons.  
Ordinations   Joseph and Sidney ordain Don Carlos and Alvah Beman to their offices, pronouncing "great blessings" on them <.  
  Bishop Whitney ordains William Cowdery, Olivery Olney, and Ira Bond to their offices, pronouncing many blessings on them.    
Door keeper Vote that quorums rotate duty of door keeper for the house of the Lord.    
Quorums elect Amos Orton, Samuel Rolfe, Thomas Carie, and Nathaniel Milliken assistant door keepers.    
Keys Vote that the presidency of the high council keep the keys, exept the vestry key, which the bishop of Kirtland will keep.    
John Corrill to enforce the house rules Vote that the laws governing the House of the Lord go into effect immediately. John Corrill is to see that they are enforced. He may call others to assist.    
Vote to adjourn.    

Charge & Prayer By President S. Rigdon


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