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Minutes of December 26, 1833
Council of elders excommunicates one elder for failing to reform, another for missing meetings and desiring to be cut off. At a bishop's court, Joseph Smith rebukes two brethren who have been complaining about Bishop Whitney. Sidney Rigdon also lectures them. They confess and are forgiven.
Date December 26, 1833
Kirtland High Council Minutes &#40;December 1832&#45;November 1837&#41;. <I>Selected Collections</i>, 1:19 // <i>New Mormon Studies CD&#45;ROM</i>. Original, Church Archives, MS 3432.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Kirtland council, 25–26 //
<i>Times and Seasons</i>
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">TS 6 no. 13 (Nov. 15, 1845): 961.
Location Kirtland, Ohio.
Description … a council of Elders met … to take into consideration the cases of James Blanchard and Alonzo Rider …  
[Presiding] Not named.
Clerk Frederick G. Williams
Promised, failed to reform [Blanchard and Rider] on account of their repeated transgressions, and promising to reform and never fulfilling, were cut off from the Church of Christ, and letters to this effect, were sent unto them immediately, informing of their Excommunication; themselves not being present.  
Wants to be cut off Nelson Acre is also "cut off from the church, on account of his absenting himself from the meetings, and saying that he wanted no more of the church and that he desired to be cut off &c. &c." A letter is sent to him also.  

Date December 26, 1833
Location Kirtland, Ohio.
Description …at evening, a Bishop's court was called to take into consideration the case of Bro. Ezekiel Rider, an Elder of the church, who had brought said many hard things against Bro Whitney, the Bishop of the church—
[Presiding] Not named.
Clerk Orson Hyde (h)
Accusation Rider has said that N. K. Whitney is "not fit for a Bishop," that he treats the brethren who come into the store "with disrespect," that he is "overbearing and fain would walk on the necks of the Brethren &c."
Elder Story [26] Brother Story was also in a Similar transgression.
Joseph rebukes— murmuring They were both rebuked Sharply by bro. Sidney & Bro Joseph who told them that this church must feel the wrath of God except they repent of their Sins, cast away their murmurings and complaining one of another. &c. &c. The
<i>Times and Seasons</i>
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">TS account is in the first person. Joseph rebukes the brethren, and "Elder Rigdon also lectured them on the same principles." Confess, forgive Bro. Rider & Bro. Story confessed their wrongs. and all forgave one another & closed by praying to the Lord for his blessing to rest upon us
Minutes of December 27, 1833
Minutes of September 28, 1833
Ohio Minutes

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