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Luke S. Johnson (1807–1861)
Early convert, missionary, Kirtland high council, original Quorum of the Twelve, disillusioned by failure of the Kirtland Safety Society, excommunicated with his apostle-brother, Lyman, and fellow apostle John F. Boynton, rejoined the church in 1847, bishop in Tooele county.
Born Luke Samuel Johnson, November 3, 1807 in Pomfret, Windsor Co., Vermont
Died December 9, 1861, in Salt Lake City at the home of his brother-in-law, Orson Hyde.
Father John Johnson
Mother Elsa Jacobs
Hiram Family moves to Hiram, Ohio. ¶ Luke Johnson (h)
Baptized May 10, 1831 by Joseph Smith. ¶ Luke Johnson (h)
Priest Ordained soon after baptism by Christian Whitmer. ¶ Luke Johnson (h)
High Priesthood October 25, 1831 ordained to the High Priesthood by Oliver Cowdery. Date of ordination as elder unknown, but listed as an elder at this conference. ¶ Minutes of October 25–26, 1831
Southern Ohio and Pittsburgh Southern Ohio with Robert Rathburn; New Portage, Ohio, area with Sidney Rigdon; Pittsburgh area in 1831. ¶ Luke Johnson (h)
Mission with William E. McLellin

McLellin drops out
  January 25, 1832 called on a mission to the southern part of Ohio with William E. McLellin (h). Preach several times, but at Middlebury, Portage County, William takes a job working in a store. D&C 75:6–9
Virginia, Kentucky [February] 1832–1833 mission to Virginia and Kentucky with Seymour Brunson and Hazen Aldrich. ¶ Luke Johnson (h)
High council February 17, 1834 member, first high council of the Church of Christ. Minutes of February 17, 1834
Zion's Camp May–June 1834 Zion's Camp.
Cholera epidemic June 25, 1834 cares for those struck by cholera with Heber C. Kimball, Joseph B. Nobles, John D. Parker, and Warren Ingalls ¶ Heber's Accounts of Zion's March (2)
Attacked by cholera June 26, 1834 attacked by cholera while burying Eber Wicox. Brigham Young saves him. ¶ Heber's Accounts of Zion's March (2)
Starts for home June 30, 1834 starts for home with Heber C. Kimball, Lyman Sherman, Sylvester Smith, Alexander Badlam, Harrison Burgess, and Zera Cole ¶ Heber's Accounts of Zion's March (2)
Apostle February 15, 1835 Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, Martin Harris ordain Luke an apostle. Minutes of February 15, 1835
Eastern states Summer 1835 mission to eastern states.
Hebrew class Winter 1835–1836 attends Hebrew classes in Kirtland.
Temple dedication March 1836 Kirtland Temple dedication.
New York and Canada 1836 mission to New York and Upper Canada. ¶ Missionaries
Kirtland Safety Society [January] 1837 charter member, Kirtland Safety Society.
Accuses Joseph May 1837 charges Joseph with speaking reproachfully against the brethren.
Kirtland Safety Society Invests $46.66 in Kirtland Safety Society.
<i>Kirtland Economy Revisited: A Market Critique of Sectarian Economics</i> Marvin S. Hill, C. Keith Rooker, Larry T. Wimmer. Studies in Mormon History series, vol. 3 &#40;Provo: Brigham Young University Press, 1977&#41;.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Kirtland economy, 78
Cut off September 3, 1837 "Cut off though privileged with conffesing and making satisfaction." ¶ Minutes of September 3, 1837
Retained in Quorum of the Twelve November 7, 1837 elected to the Quorum of Twelve at the General Assembly in Far West. ¶ Minutes of November 7, 1837
Excommunicated April 13, 1838 excommunicated in Far West, Missouri.
Blames Mormons for Missouri conflict … Luke became one of the first Mormon Twelve Apostles. He left them and said it was the fault of the Mormons that they were driven from Missouri.
“I requested a young man …” Arthur B. Deming in <i>Naked Truths About Mormonism</i> 1, no. 1 &#40;Jan. 1888&#41;: 3&#45;4.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Deming comments, 3–4.
Helps Joseph Sr. escape 1838 helps the prophet's father escape from jail.
To Virginia 1838 moves to Cabell County, Virginia, where he taught school and studied medicine.
Kirtland Returns to Kirtland to practice medicine.
Rebaptized March 8, 1846 rebaptized in Nauvoo by Orson Hyde.
Salt Lake July 1847 arrives in Salt Lake Valley.
Endowed April 1, 1854 endowed.
St. John, Utah 1858 moves to St. John, Tooele county, Utah and serves as bishop.
Families Susan Poteet md. Nov. 1, 1833 Journals of William E. McMcellin has Susan Armelda Poteet; Cook has Susan H. Poteet.
  Elisa Mary
Kirtland temple America Morgan Clark
Susan Marinda
Orson Albert
Mark Anthony
Charlotte Elizabeth
Lovinia Ann
Phebe W.

Luke S. Johnson (h)
Lyman E. Johnson
Lyman E. Johnson (h)
John Johnson

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