Mormon History 1830-1844

Lyman E. Johnson (1811–1856)
Early convert, missionary, Kirtland high council, original Quorum of the Twelve, disillusioned by failure of the Kirtland Safety Society, excommunicated with David Whitmer in 1838.
Born Lyman Eugene Johnson, October 24, 1811 in Pomfret, Windsor county, Vermont.
Died December 20, 1856, drowning in the Mississippi River at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.
Father John Johnson
Mother Elsa Jacobs
Hiram, Ohio Family moves to Hiram, Ohio.
Baptized February 1831 by Sidney Rigdon. Lyman E. Johnson (h)
Elder October 25, 1831 Oliver Cowdery ordains Lyman an elder. ¶ Minutes of October 25-26, 1831
Called to preach November [1–3], 1831 called to preach the gospel. D&C 68:7
High Priesthood November 2, 1831 Sidney Rigdon ordains Lyman to the High Priesthood. ¶ Minutes of November 1–2, 1831
Eastern mission January 25, 1832 called on a mission to the East with Orson Pratt. Leaving February 3, they travel through Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York city, to Hurlgate, on Long Island, preaching thirty times on the way, "where they previously had never heard the Gospel." Lyman and Hazen Aldrich begin return trip from Spafford, New York on November 8, 1832. Orson arrives in Kirtland February 17, 1833. D&C 75:14

¶ Orson Pratt (h1); ¶ Orson Pratt (h2); ¶ Orson Pratt (h2)
School of the Prophets Early 1833 attends the School of Prophets.
Eastern mission March 26, 1833 begins mission east with Orson Pratt. ¶ Orson Pratt (h2)
New Hampshire conference June 7, 1833 arrive in Bath, New Hampshire for conference, "having attend forty-four meetings by the way, and baptized thirteen." ¶ Orson Pratt (h2)
Vermont June 14, 1833 the day after arriving in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Lyman and Orson decide to split up. Lyman goes to Charleston while Orson remains in St. Johnsbury. ¶ Orson Pratt (h2);
<i>The Orson Pratt Journals</i>, compiled and arranged by Elden J. Watson &#40;Salt Lake City: Elden J. Watson, 1975&#41;.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Orson Pratt journals, 17.
  July 24, 1833 Charleston, Vermont conference, ordains elders Orson Johnson and John Badger High Priests; ordains Winslow Farr, Isaac Aldrich, Roswell Evans elders; Gardner Snow, Willard Snow, Joseph Swasey, priests; Horace Evans, teacher ¶ Orson Pratt (h2)
New Hampshire

Seals church
September 8, 1833 working with Orson again, holds two meetings in Bath, ordain Horace Cowan an elder, "and laid hands upon the little children and blessed them in the name of hte Lord, and administered the sacrament, and sealed up the Church unto eternal life." Orson leaves for Kirtland the next day. ¶ Orson Pratt (h2);
<i>The Orson Pratt Journals</i>, compiled and arranged by Elden J. Watson &#40;Salt Lake City: Elden J. Watson, 1975&#41;.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Orson Pratt journals, 25.
Raises funds for refugees 1834 one of eight named to raise funds for the Saints driven from Jackson County.
Upper Canada 1834 mission with Milton Holmes to Upper Canada.
Zion's Camp May–June 1834 Zion's Camp.
Apostle February 14, 1835 Oliver, David, and Martin ordain Lyman an apostle. He is the youngest (23), therefore lowest in seniority of the original Twelve, and the first to receive the ordination blessing.

¶ Minutes of February 14, 1835

Vermont conference July 17, 1835 attends Vermont conference with other members of the Twelve. ¶ St. Johnsbury
Accused of injurious behavior May 29, 1837 In the morning, charges are brought against Lyman, David Whitmer, Frederick G. Williams, Parley P. Pratt (h), and Warren Parrish, for behavior "injurious to the Church of God" and "unworthy of their high calling." Council members cannot agree on on procedural or jurisdictional questions and ends in confusion.

Minutes of May 29, 1837

Accuses Joseph of slander May 29, 1837 Lyman charges Joseph with slander and lying. Charges Against Joseph Smith, Jr.
Newel Kimball Whitney Papers. Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, MSS Vault 766.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Whitney papers. Generosity to Heber June [1–4], 1837 though he does not think Heber C. Kimball should go on his mission to England, Lyman gives him the cloak off his back. ¶ Heber C. Kimball (h3) Disciplined in Kirtland September 3, 1837 "cut off though privileged with conffesing and making satisfaction"—or "rejected from serving" as one of the Twelve, with the privilege of making confession, depending on the source consulted. Minutes of September 3, 1837 Far West Late 1837 moves to Far West, Missouri. Kirtland paper losses April 15, 1838 Stephen Burnett writes Lyman, "You state in your letter that you have lost six thousand dollars Kirtland paper." How he could have lost that much in Kirtland bank notes is a puzzle. He did not own stock in the Kirtland Safety Society. Perhaps he accepted the notes in exchanges for goods or services, but an amount that large would have to have been for the sale of land.

Stephen Burnett &#40;Orange Township, Geauga Co.&#41; to Lyman E. Johnson, Apr. 15, 1838. Copy. J. Smith Letterbook&#45;2, 64 &#45;66. <i>SC</i> 1:20. MS 155, Church Archives. At the bottom of the copy, Albert Petty and Dimick B. Huntington write, “a true copy of a letter written to Lyman E. Johnson by S. Burnette.” Their statement is dated May 24, 1838.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Stephen Burnett letter, 64.

&#34;Kirtland Economy Revisited: A Market Critique of Sectarian Economics,&#34; Marvin S. Hill, C. Keith Rooker, Larry T. Wimmer in <i>BYU Studies</i> 17, no. 4 &#40;Summer 1977&#41;: 391&#45;472.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Kirtland economy, 78.

Excommunicated April 13, 1838 excommunicated with David Whitmer. Minutes of April 13, 1838 Salt Sermon June 17, 1838 Sidney Rigdon delivers "the salt sermon," declaring it is the duty of people "to trample [dissenters] into the earth" or hang them. Joseph reportedly says, "Though I don't want the brethren to act unlawfully; but I will tell them one thing, Judas was a traitor, and instead of hanging himself was hung by Peter." All known salt sermon texts and an excellent analysis are in &#34;Far West Dissenters and the Gamblers at Vicksburg: An Examination of the Documentary Evidence and Historical Context of Sidney Rigdon&#39;s Salt Sermon,&#34; John E. Thompson in <i>Restoration</i> &#40;Jan. 1986&#41;: 21&#45;27.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Salt sermon; Reed Peck Manuscript 7; <i>Sidney Rigdon: A Portrait of Religious Excess</i>, Richard S. Van Wagoner &#40;Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1994&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Sidney Rigdon 218–219. Warned out June 19, 1838 A document signed by Hyrum and eighty-three others warns David, Oliver, W. W. Phelps, and Lyman E. Johnson to leave Far West immediately "or a more fatal calamity shall befall you." <i>Document Containing the Correspondence, Orders &c., in Relation to the Disturbances with the Mormons and the Evidence Given Before the Hon. Austin A. King, Judge of the Fifth Judicial Circuit of the State of Missouri, at the Court&#45;House in Richmond, in a Criminal Court of Inquiry, Begun November 12, 1838, on the Trial of Joseph Smith Jr., and Others for High Treason and Other Crimes Against the State</i> &#40;Fayette, Missouri: by order of the General Assembly at the office of <i>Boon&#39;s Lick Democrat</i>, 1841&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Document, 103–106, cited in <i>Sidney Rigdon: A Portrait of Religious Excess</i>, Richard S. Van Wagoner &#40;Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1994&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Sidney Rigdon, 218–219. Flee Lyman and the other dissidents leave Far West immediately, fueling fears among non-Mormon residents that Mormons were ready to shed blood. Base iniquities [Joseph:] I would mention or notice something about O. Cowdery David Whitmer Lyman E. Johnson and John{son}Whitmer who being guilty of bace iniquities and that to manifest in {all} the ages of all men, and being often entreated would continue in their course seeking the lives of the First Presidency and to overthrow the Kingdom of God which they once testified off. The Scriptory Book of Joseph Smith Jr. Manuscript in the hand of George W. Robinson. LDS Church Archives. Transcript in <i>Papers of Joseph Smith</i>: 2, 211&#45;300, where it is identified as &#34;Missouri Journal, 1838, March to September.&#34;')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Scriptory in <i>Papers of Joseph Smith, Volume 2: Journal, 1832&#45;1842</i>, edited by Dean C. Jessee &#40;Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1992&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Papers 2:249 in the hand of George W. Robinson after July 4. Iowa law practice By 1842 moves to Iowa. Practices law in Davenport and Keokuk.   Family Wife Sarah Susan Long (b. 1816 in New Hampshire), md. September 4, 1834 in Chardon, Gueaga, Ohio. Children Sarah M. (b. February 1836 in Kirtland)
John E. (b. 1844 in Keokuk, Lee, Iowa)

Lyman E. Johnson (h)


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