Mormon History 1830-1844

Joseph Coe (1784–1854)
Early convert (New York, 1830), accompanies Joseph and others on 1831 trip to Missouri, church agent to purchase the French farm in Kirtland, member of the first high council, helps promote the Egyptian artifacts to raise funds, Kirtland dissenter in 1837, excommunicated during the last week of 1837.
Born November 12, 1784 in Scipio or Genoa, Cayuga Co., New York (Genoa is 9 mi. S of Scipio.)
<i>Who&#39;s Who in the Doctrine and Covenants</i>, Susan Easton Black. &#40;Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, Inc., 1997&#41;.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Who's who, 62, has Genoa, Cayuga Co., NY;
<i>Revelations of the Prophet Joseph Smith: A Historical and Biographical Commentary of the Doctrine and Covenants</i>, Lyndon Cook &#40;Provo: Seventy’s Mission Bookstore, 1981&#41;.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Revelations, 86, has 1785 in New Jersey; and FamilySearch give Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY.
Died October 17, 1854 in Kirtland, Lake Co. [Geauga until 1840], Ohio
Father Joel Coe (1761–1846) FamilySearch
Mother Huldah Horton (1762–1803) FamilySearch
Baptized By January 2, 1831.
<i>The Orson Pratt Journals</i>, compiled and arranged by Elden J. Watson &#40;Salt Lake City: Elden J. Watson, 1975&#41;.
')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Orson Pratt journals, 10. New York to Ohio   [January 2, 1831] … I attended a conference at the house of Father Whitmer [in Fayette, New York]; and soon after Elder Samuel H. Smith and myself commenced laboring for one of the Saints, by the name of Joseph Coe, to assist him in making preparations to remove to Ohio according to the revelation given at the conference on the 2nd of January.   <i>The Orson Pratt Journals</i>, compiled and arranged by Elden J. Watson &#40;Salt Lake City: Elden J. Watson, 1975&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Orson Pratt journals, 10.

No minutes for this conference. For Sidney Rigdon's recollection of early meetings, see ¶ Sidney Early Days.

D&C 38
June 1831 conference June 4, 1831 attends conference as an elder. Lyman's Vision and the Man of Sin To Missouri with Joseph June [15], 1831 called to accompany Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and W. W. Phelps to Missouri.   D&C 55:6 Leave Kirtland   June 19, 1831 leaves for Missouri with Sidney Rigdon, Martin Harris, Edward Partridge, W. W. Phelps, and A. S. Gilbert and his wife. They travel by wagon, canal, and stage to Cincinnati. Then by steamer to Louisville to St. Louis. Walk to Independence.   , 126 // <i>Papers of Joseph Smith, Volume 1: Autobiographical and Historical Writings</i>, edited by Dean C. Jessee &#40;Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1989&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Papers 1:356.

W. W. Phelps dates the departure June 18. ¶ W. W. Phelps
Lamanite mission meeting   July 17, 1831 attends meeting with Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, W. W. Phelps, Martin Harris, Ziba Peterson, and Joshua Lewis to ask the Lord who should preach the first sermon to the Lamanites and Nephites in that area. Joseph's revelation is that W. W. Phelps should preach the discourse, Joseph Coe and Ziba Peterson should bear testimony, Oliver Cowdery should open the meeting. The end is near. Be prepared. Apparently there was the sense that after "the anointing," the men would go on a mission to the Indians, and they would "take unto you wives of the Lamanites and Nephites, that their posterity may become white, delightsome and Just."   <i>Joseph Smith Revelations: Text and Commentary</i>, H. Michael Marquardt &#40;Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1999&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">JS revelations, 374–376.

A few months later, Ezra Booth alludes to the Mormon plan to gain access to Indians by marrying their women. ¶ Ezra Booth Letters (8–9)

&#34;Mormons and Native Americans: A Historical and Bibliographical Introduction,&#34; <i>Dialogue</i> 18, no. 1 &#40;Winter 1985&#41;: 33&#45;64.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Mormons and Native Americans, 35.

<i>Mormon Polygamy: A History</i>, Richard S. Van Wagoner &#40;Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1986&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Mormon polygamy, 12–13.
Attends dedication of the site for the House of the Lord August 3, 1831 attends dedication of the site of the House of the Lord in Independence with Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Frederick G. Williams, Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris, Newel Knight, W. W. Phelps, Ezra Booth, and Peter Whitmer Jr. Joseph lays a stone at the northeast corner of the planned structure. <i>From Historian to Dissident: The Book of John Whitmer</i>, edited by Bruce N. Westergren &#40;Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1995 &#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">J. Whitmer, 86–87; <i>Times and Seasons</i>')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">TS 5, no. 5 (Mar. 1, 1844): 450.

Ezra Booth was disappointed with the ceremony. Ezra Booth Letters (3–6)
Leaves Independence August 9, 1831 leaves Independence with other Kirtland visitors. High Priesthood October 1, 1831 ordained to the High Priesthood by Joseph Smith. Minutes of Oct. 1, 1833 Ordained church agent to purchase French farm

March 23, 1833 Sidney ordains Joseph and Ezra Thayer as general agents for the church to purchase the French farm in Kirtland "upon which the saints might build a stake of Zion."

Minutes of Mar. 23, 1833 Member, first high council February 17, 1834 in Kirtland, named a member of the the first high council. Minutes of Feb. 17, 1834; D&C 102:3 Arranges display of Egyptian artifacts [February 17, 1836] … this evening Elder Coe called to make some arangements about the Egyptian records and the mummies, he proposes to hire a room at J. Johnsons Inn and exhibit them there from day to day at certain hours, that some benefit may be derived from them—I complied with his request, and only observed that they must be managed with prudence and care especially the manuscripts. <i>Papers of Joseph Smith, Volume 2: Journal, 1832&#45;1842</i>, edited by Dean C. Jessee &#40;Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1992&#41;.')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">Papers 2:176. Kirtland dissenter May 1 or 31, 1837 is objected to when names of high council are presented. No details on outcome. (Joseph Coe was one of the dissenters under Warren Parrish, the Prophet's former secretary, in the reconstituted Church of Christ. The movement was also known as "the old standard." Other prominent members included Apostles Lyman E. Johnson (h), Luke S. Johnson (h), and John F. Boynton (h), as well as Leonard Rich, Stephen Burnet, Sylvester Smith, Cyrus P. Smalling.) Minutes of Sept. 3, 1837 Excommunicated   December 1837 twenty-eight persons are excommunicated during the last week of the year, including Joseph Coe, Martin Harris, the Johnson brothers, John Boynton (h), and Warren Parrish.   John Smith to George A. Smith, Journal History, Jan. 1, 1838. Treated with disdain July 1838 categorized by the Elders' Journal with Martin Harris and Cyrus P. Smalling as "so far beneath contempt that a notice of them would be too great a sacrifice for a gentleman to make." ¶ Argument to Argument Death [October 17, 1854] Mr. Joseph Coe, of Kirtland, was killed on Tuesday of last week, in the following shocking manner. He went into his field in the forenoon for the purpose of catching his Bull, which he had frequently done, and being absent unusually long, search was made for him. It appeared that the animal had thrown Mr. Coe to the ground and jumped upon his breast, which doubtless caused his death almost instantly. His clothes were nearly stripped from his body, and his flesh, in many places, torn off. "Melancholy," <I>Painesville Telegraph</I>')" onmouseout="kill()" target="_blank" class="ref">PT, Oct. 25, 1854.   Mr. Coe was in the 70th year of his age. He leaves a wife and four children.    


Pallas Wales (b. [1785]; md. January 12, 1816; d. Feb. 4, 1822)   Wife Sophia Harwood (b. [1788])



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